3 Reasons Why You Need to Work with Lifestyle Influencers

You need to be working with Lifestyle bloggers and Instagrammers. And when I say “you need to be working” with them, I mean it.

A successful marketing strategy is simply incomplete without incorporating lifestyle influencers. It’s pain and simple.

Lifestyle influencers have taken over social media. Why would you want to be the Youtube ad when you can be a part of the content of the video viewers are skipping the ad to get to.

Here are a few reasons why you need to be working with lifestyle influencers when it comes to marketing:

1. They promote the kind of lifestyle Millennials and Gen Z want for themselves
Lifestyle Influencers have completely stepped out of the box as far as what it means to have a career. They don’t sit behind a desk at a 9-5 job. In fact, some of them are too young to even enter the work force at all!

These influencers have created their own lifestyle that is dissimilar to that of their parents’ generation. They work from hotels and beaches – instead of cubicles – armed with cameras and laptops and an internet connection.

This is the lifestyle almost every Millennial and Gen Z want for themselves, so of course they are consuming their content! They want to eventually achieve the kind of non-traditional lifestyle influencers have, so they are going to follow their favorites and pay close attention to their every move.

2. Their followers trust them
One of the things that is most important to an influencer is their audience. Their audience needs to trust them. For example, what use is a beauty guru if their audience doesn’t trust their opinion on the products s/he uses?

These influencers are genuinely interested in cultivating and maintaining a trust between them and their audience. Trust is something ad campaigns seek to establish, but why do you need to establish trust when you can market through an influencer who already has the fierce loyalty of their viewers?

This might mean the influencer will be picky when it comes to the brands they market and review, so be warry of rejection. However, if they do end up making a deal with you, you can be confidant their viewers are going to listen to their opinion.

3. Non-traditional celebrities cost less to work with
Since you are not trying to hire a Kardashian or a Jenner to promote your product, you can be confidant that your wallet will be happy with your choice to focus on influencer marketing.

This isn’t to say that influencers aren’t as valuable as traditional celebrities, as they most certainly are and are often more likely to get the word out more effectively.

This being said, while you will probably save money by working with them opposed to someone else, they still deserve to be paid a fair amount for the work they are doing. Don’t try to skimp out on paying them. They know how much they are worth. And you don’t want to wrong an influencer, because you can be confidant that they will tell their followers about it.