How to Choose Colors for Your Logo

When it comes to creating your logo for your business, latest venture, or for personal branding purposes, the color scheme that you choose is equally as important as the basic design itself! 

Colors invoke certain feelings and emotions in people. Don’t believe that colors are just as important in design? Think about what the colors black and orange invoke if you’re a San Francisco Giantsfan (or better yet a fan of a rival team). Think about how important red, white, and blue are to the US (or France or the UK). If you were in Greek life, think about how dear your sorority or fraternity’s color’s are.

So when you’re developing your logo, you need to make sure that your colors are just as iconic and pleasing to the eye of that of your favorite sport’s team.

Complimentary Colors 

Okay, so since I’ve mentioned sports teams earlier let’s talk about how complimentary colors have anything to do with sports! Well, most sports teams use complimentary colors in their jerseys! Think about it: Purple and orange, blue and yellow, red and green. These are all complimentary colors as well as colors of some of the most popular sports teams out there.

If you don’t like complimentary colors (I must admit that blue and yellow isn’t the cutest color combination out there and can admittedly be quite harsh), the next best option is to go for a monochromatic logo or to pair you logo color with black and/or white. 

Authenticity is important

One of the biggest dangers when creating a logo is accidentally looking like another instantly recognizable logo. The last thing you want to do is look like the Walmart version of a site like Twitter or Instagram. 

If you are going to use a bird or a camera in your logo, make sure that you don’t look like Twitter or Instagram. If you’re going to use that iconic shade of internet blue make sure your logo isn’t reminiscent of Facebook or Tumblr. 

When branding your goal is to stick out. Not to blend in.

One of the best ways to check if your logo is looking a little too familiar is to check in with your friends and collegues. Similar to how I always run a baby name by the meanest people I know to see if there are any obvious puns I’m missing, I always run a logo by a group of trusted individuals that will give their honest opinion about if my logo looks EXACTLY like Spotify’s. 

Dont be afraid to rebrand

` If you have created a logo in the past and have grown tired of it don’t be afraid to switch things up! Keep the best things about your original logo (whether that be certain design elements or the initials of your company) and go from there. Rebranding can be exactly what your business needs. 

Don’t worry if you feel as if you’re going to lose recognition if you change your logo up. Instagram did it in a huge way, but their recognition only increased!