Tips for Creating a Memorable Logo for Your Website

Tips for Creating a Memorable Logo for Your Website

One of the most integral parts of forming a successful website is to create a memorable logo. Even if your customers don’t notice it, they will subconsciously remember your logo, and it will make them want to come back. Logos are an essential part of every business, and you should take the time to develop yours so that it is memorable, beautiful, and says what you want it to about your company. It is the visual connection between your brand and your users, so be diligent about how you want it to identify you to your customers. 

Here are a few tips you can use to craft your own logo or to discuss with your design team to develop it. 

Keep it Simple

You’ll find that one of the easiest ways to make your design process less stressful and more meaningful is to embrace simplicity when it comes to your logo design. Some of the best and most memorable logos are incredibly simple; just take a look at Apple or Nike, for example. The apple and swoosh logos are so simple but have become so iconic that practically everyone could look at the logo and know what company it is. Simple designs also work well for different applications and use, making your logo easily adaptable. 

To keep your logo as simple as possible, you should use no more than four words (30 characters), three or fewer colors, one design effect, and also avoid thin elements for type and artwork.

Consider Colors

Colors are an important part of the logo that no designer should overlook. Colors can draw in the attention of viewers, and you can use colors to say something about your brand and your website. Logos that make good use of color tend to work in either full color or single-color applications, and stick to a simple color palette of no more than three colors. Bold color choices can also help, but remember not to overdo it.


Creating a memorable logo also means that you need to create a logo that is flexible in the number of iterations it can have. The color accents used on your website, for example, and the font for the main logo should remain the same in the other versions of the logo, which are typically smaller. If you use grey letters for your logo with a white background on your website and use green accents throughout, you could incorporate this into various iterations of the logo by keeping the green, white background, and maybe one grey letter. By using the same typography and colors, the user makes a connection to your full logo and website. 

You should also consider if your logo, no matter what size, will work over an image, can add a tagline to it, work on labels for products, and if you have an icon version for mobile devices. 

Don’t Follow Trends

A key aspect you should consider when designing your website logo is to think of longevity and future use. Trends are what’s hot now, but won’t always withstand the test of time. It’s easy to fall prey to the intricate designs you see being used today, or finishing touches like gradient, glow, or shadow, but these elements make your design less memorable and can date the design. It’s okay to pick one trendy element and incorporate it into your logo, but using too many won’t make yours memorable. 

Test for Scalability

This goes hand-in-hand with creating a flexible design. Scalability is a critical aspect of any logo because it can appear on anything besides the web if you decide to take it from online to physical products. They should be recognizable on both tiny and large scales and be easy to read.

3 Do’s And Don’ts Of Affiliate Marketing

For you to be successful when trying to incorporate affiliate marketing into your career or a side job to have an extra inflow, you must understand how it works. There are various tips available, but it’s important to realize what you should and should not do when deciding how to go about it all.

1. Do Use Credible Sources:

If you’re choosing to focus on sharing a link to various sites and sources make sure that they are credible. Working with successful sites or posting the information about the product somewhere that’s familiar with your audience will give you a higher success rate.

There are many of times where certain sites look like they contain viruses or just flat out look like spam, so it’s best to refrain from looking like a scam. Many people use Yahoo answers or Google blog sites to display their link to their product while captioning something enticing to catch their audience’s attention.

2. Don’t Rely On Shortcuts:

One thing about affiliate marketing is that you do have to be patient. There are success stories of posting a link and waking up to a large revenue, but that doesn’t happen every time. Wishful thinking will only end up disappointing you so instead take a step back and let it all work out for itself. Not saying that you should post one link and stop being proactive, but instead try various outlets and ways for you to see progress but understand that this entire process takes time.

If your only strategy is posting a link to one credible site, there is no guarantee you will have a heavy cash flow within days, weeks or even months. Sometimes it takes time for your link to be considered credible or the product to be in high demand so don’t consider affiliate marketing a ‘get rich quick scheme. Take this approach seriously and realistically, so you’re not overly frustrated when you aren’t receiving the results you were hoping for.

3. Do Try Different Strategies:

Many different strategies and approaches are used when starting off your affiliate marketing journey. Unless you’ve had your trial and error experiences, it all be best to research all your options to find the one that best fits you. Whether you want to create a website, pay a credible site, or post links to various sources, it’s important to try multiple strategies to see which one will work best with your schedule and personality.

Affiliate marketing can be aggressive and time-consuming if your primary focus and source of income are relying on expanding your shares.

Take these tips into consideration before taking affiliate marketing for dating head on because it is crucial to avoid any unnecessary mistakes when getting started.

Depending on your strategy, it’s important to understand and accept the risks and guarantees beforehand rather than learn the hard way with any money that is out of pocket.

Top 5 Logo Designers on Fiverr

Fiverr is a website that allows freelance artists to find clients for as little as five dollars. That’s right – some of the people on the site are willing to do just about anything for five dollars, which can make for some pretty entertaining content.  

And while some of the “artists” on Fiverr are a complete joke, the graphic design community is full of some pretty impressive stuff. Let’s break down which five Fiverrs are worth of the title; “the best.”


This Phillipino man by the name of “magisworks” is a master of his craft. For as little as five dollars, anybody can contact him and ask him to design tow professional logos for you. If you don’t like them, you can always send them back and ask for them to be redone for five dollars. 

Just a fair warning; if you think you’re going to get a logo you like from him on the first try, you’d be wrong. The very nature of graphic design revolves around tweaking, changing, and remaking the piece until the client is satisfied with the final product. 

magiswork knows this, and so he charges the measly five dollars time and time again. But by the looks of his work, you can tell that he’s professional and highly skilled. Not just any fool can learn photoshop and create complex simplicity in every logo – but apparently, magisworks can. 


While users like magisworks can create some truly unique pieces, he tends to take a decent amount of time to get back to you. This user (fahmihaz) is the exact opposite, in all of the right ways. 

His work is professional-looking enough to pass for your newly-found business. In some cases his work is indistinguishable from a highly trained professional, but in others it looks like someone passed out on the keyboard with the photoshop window open.  

The best part about fahmihas is his response time. This guy could receive a request for a five dollar logo at 3 pm and have it sent to your by 4 – he’s quicker than quick. So, if you need your logo designed and ready for a “workflow” meeting, you can always hit up fahmihaz for a quick (and cheap) sketch!


OK, when I said we would find out who the best really was, I meant to say it was this guy. His work is unparalleled in the Fiverr Design Community, and his reviews are insane. He has some of his best work on display when you go to his homepage that will blow you away.  

Another way i_am_best proves that he really is the best is by making “unlimited revisions” available on all orders. That means that he’ll be able to create a rough idea of the logo for five dollars and he will spend hours of his own time perfecting the logo until it has all the qualities you desire. 

In a world where everyone is overpaying for their services, it’s nice to know that some peop