The 3 Best Online Tools For Generating Logos Automatically

The 3 Best Online Tools For Generating Logos Automatically

If you want a good looking logo, you might think to try making one yourself, or paying a graphic designer to make one for you, but both of those options might take some time, and can get expensive. What if you just want a decent logo now, cheaply or for free? Luckily there are many tools online for generating logos, that let you enter your company’s name, chose from some simple options, and have a logo within minutes. I’ve reviewed many of these tools, and found which ones are the best.

Hatchful by Spotify

This tool is my favorite. It’s free, easy to use, and doesn’t try to force a premium version on you. Shopify created this tool so its sellers could quickly create high quality logos for their stores and social media presence, but you don’t need to be a Shopify customer to use it. The process is quick, and you end up with something that looks good and fits your brand, and they deliver to you by email a zip folder with different versions of the logo suited towards different uses on your site or social media profiles.

The options are somewhat limited, but it’s nice to use and the results can be great. For options with more flexability, check out the rest of the list.

Designhil Logo Maker

The process of generating a logo is similar, but a bit longer and more involved than Hatchful. There are more options to chose from, and a bit more variety at the end with this one, however it is not free to save your logo, but the prices are reasonable, starting at $20 for one logo. You can try it out and see the final result before you pay.


This is a different kind of logo maker than the last two. It has an interface more similar to Photoshop or Illustrator, rather than a guided process. You can search through many icons, draw shapes, choose your fonts and colors, and lay everything out exactly as you want. This may be a happy medium between starting totally from scratch and using something that completely does the job for you. This one will let you download the full resolution version of your logo for $20, but will let you download a lower resolution version for free.

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